Thursday, April 17, 2014

Marble Backsplash

Another item I can't keep off my mind?  Marble subway tile.

It all started when I was looking at this photo of ChrisLoveJulia's kitchen renovation and noticed their gorgeous tile.  From there, I found a million other kitchens with marble tile that I looooove:

Gorgeous huh?  I think one great thing about buying a house in Seattle is that we'll have smaller areas to makeover, so we can splurge on more expensive materials in some spaces.  Can't wait to start working on plans!  

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Navy Sofas!

I can't stop planning for our future house!  Mind you, our condo isn't even on the market yet, but I'm knees deep in mood boards for our next space!!

One item that I keep obsessing over is a navy velvet couch!  


And so, so, so many more...

I love black and white, in many patterns, so I think that a navy couch will fit right in with my over abundance of black and white decor.  Add in lots of metallic accents and I'm done!
I can NOT wait to order one of these babies!! 

PS - Yesterday we had professional photographs taken of our condo for our listing, which goes live next week!  I'll be sharing those soon!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mother-In-Law Apartment

I'm so excited to reveal my first full before-and-after!

Over the last couple months, I've been helping one of my oldest friends, PJ, revamp her mother-in-law apartment  (which basically means her studio apartment that's attached to the house of the family she nanny's for.

Without further ado, here are some before's and afters!

Here's the wall adjacent to the front door.
PJ had an old hand me down couch that she rarely used, so she sold it off and moved her wardrobe and dresser to this long wall.

PJ and I painted this little cart that she already had in a bright peacock blue to hold some shoes and purses and anything she wants to throw down as she's in and out the front door.  The color is Empress Teal by Behr.
This navy lamp base was found at Goodwill for a few bucks, as was that tray that we spray painted gold.
The lampshade was picked up at Target for $20.  Perfect match!  The paper lanterns were already PJ's.

Moving along clockwise, we hit a narrow wall adjacent to her kitchen.

Previously, PJ had her wardrobe shimmied in there, along with another dresser that she didn't really use (family hand me down).  She passed along the dresser and moved the wardrobe to the area shown above, leaving room for a TV stand that could be easily seen from her bed.

We found this TV stand at Goodwill for only $10!  Unfortunately I forgot to take any before photos, but you can image it!  Typical 80's brown laminate furniture that we all grew up with!

Funny enough, when we went to pick out paint and door knobs, PJ picked out the exact same paint and knobs that I used on my turquoise dresser, seen here!

The sunburst mirror was gifted to her from a friend.  We still have plans to paint it gold to match other elements in the room, but it's looking pretty great as-is!

Moving along, we come to a view of her kitchen!  The main requirement here was wanting to block off the view at night, when PJ just wants to relax and not stare at her kitchen!

These curtains were already on hand, from Ikea.  PJ also had the Dignitet Curtain Wire on hand, which took us a couple decorating sessions and bring in our men to get hung up!  But now she has a wall of curtains to pull closed at night!

Now it's time for the main event, the bed and adjacent wall!

Disclaimer:  I'm a horrible photographer, especially at night with no natural light!  Forgive the bad quality of the upcoming photos!



This ottoman was found out of sheer luck!  Her and I were hunting for a good option, and it turns out that her parents had just what we were looking for!  For free!
Once more, the before and after:

Moving along again, we turn to her new wall-mounted table!

I like to think of this wall as a cute little cafe area!

The table is a Norberg wall mounted unit from Ikea!

The table folds up onto the wall when not in use!  It's a space saver!

The inspiration from the very beginning was this peacock wing thingy I found in her room.  It's a halloween costume, but I immediately thought it was the perfect palette for her.  We both love peacock colors and we both love blue and purple, so it was meant to be!

Total breakdown for this makeover:
(Anything not listed was already PJ's)

Navy Lamp: $2
Lamp Shade: $20
Gold Tray: $3
Gold Spray Paint (already on hand): $0
Turquoise Paint: $3 (Used a sample size)
Hummingbird Paint: $11
Crystal Knobs: $6
Ottoman: Free from her parents
Surburst Mirror: Free from a friend
Navy Curtains: $40
Gold Mirror: $40
Lack Wall Shelves: Free from a friend
Wall Table: $40
Succulents: $9 (there were three, but one broke)
Basket on Shelf: $10

Total: $174

Not bad for a complete overhall!  A lot of PJ's items got reused, and a the major impact on the space was getting rid of unused clutter!  I'm very excited!!  What do you think of PJ's new digs?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Cobalt Blue Inspiration


Just wanted to drop by and share some inspiration boards I made for a couple of friends of mine who bought their first house this year! 

In case you couldn't tell, she loves cobalt blue, so it was the main inspiration in these dining room and bedroom mood boards!

You can learn more about my design services at Shauna Kroeger Designs.  

Monday, February 3, 2014


I've been waiting to share this project until we re-do our mantle, but we ended up not doing any home improvements for awhile, and will be tackling the mantle as well as a couple other things before selling our condo (more details to come!).  

Anyways, I figured I might as well share the first part of our fireplace renovation because I love it so much!

This is what it looked like before (after we built a mantle and temporarily taped textured wallpaper to the stone).

I never really knew what I wanted to do to the space, but then I stumbled upon this stuff called Airstone, which looks like real stones, but are super light, and can be glued to almost any surface.  Sold!

So here is how the fireplace looks now!

It doesn't come in white, I painted it!  There are two color options, a gray color and a beige color.  I grabbed a box of gray on a whim and just started gluing peices on our fireplace, much to Tim's surprise!
It went on so quickly, like a dream!  It was so easy to cut too! 

We reached the top and then I dropped one of the last pieces, which is why we stopped with this lovliness:
I wasn't going to go buy a whole new box just for that little piece.  I have a handful of scraps that I'm going to arrange to cover the tiniest gap, and then we are planning on bringing down the mantle to cover the first inch of stone anyway, so that will cover up the biggest missing piece!
I am completely in love!  The stone bring such warmth!
I want the mantle to look just like this gorgeous fireplace from Hi Sugarplum:
But now that we're planning to sell, it will probably all remain white.  Boo! 

What do you think?  I can't stop obsessed over it!  

Until next time,